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About Us

Cyber security is protection of a far-flung piece of informational equity through the menace that can put the information at risk. As higher number of enterprises are being automated and there are a large number of computer systems used, which store all its vital information assets. Cybersecurity is seen as a critical factor in the success and survivability of any enterprise. Despite their best efforts and investments, some organizations still experience exposure to potential cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity should be organized as a continuous process of identifying vulnerabilities, threats, and related risks. It being a recognised concern and growing priority for all big and small enterprises risk evaluation, risk management and determining their probability and impact on the enterprise business goals must be kept an eye on.

At LUMIVERSE SOLUTIONS, with manageable tool for planning, implementing and maintaining good cybersecurity at affordable cost, and we are on a mission to unremittingly protect businesses from cyber attacks and provide services that are aimed at meeting the rapidly changing cybersecurity environment where evolving cyber crimes are manipulating the environment. Through our tools and services we hold capabilities to secure and ensure your enterprise business security.

We believe the best defense is a good offense. At, LUMIVERSE SOLUTION, we intent to develop advanced cyber security solutions that fit for every type of business. We serve the best services and assistance for authorization and security of our client’s decisive data.

We pride in serving best security services according to the pronounced industry standards and adding the vulnerability assessment that defines, identifies, and classifies the security susceptibility in a network. As benefactor for your web data, we understand your concerns for procuring your held dear websites and data.

Lumiverse Solutions concises a credible and hardworking team that continuously works towards building the best security framework to shelter businesses data-centric treasures. We as a cyber security company pride to be one of the best and emerging companies in India and over the world.