Forensics on digital data with evidence is tricky and time consuming for an investigation. To solve forensic cases evidence collection and analysis plays an important role. Lumiverse Solutions can help your organization counter with various threats for your reputation, maintain confidentiality and integrity of your business data, provide Investigation reports, help in providing solutions to business.
Computers and mobiles soundly hold the maximum amount of probative and vital data. These devices are seemingly increasing its importance in day to day business communications. Mobile Forensics is nothing but the science of recovering digital data from a mobile phone and computers under forensically sound conditions using various methods. The process of computer and mobile forensic has some steps that me include data dreservation, data acquisition, data examination and overall analysis and finally reporting.
eDiscovery helps identify, preserve, search as well as produce electronic documents in a consistent and cost-effective manner. Handling the electronically stored information relevant to such reviews has therefore become a key business challenge. Our experts can guide an organisation through the eDiscovery process to uncover the best cyber security strategy for your enterprise.
Today, ransomware attacks are as certain as anything else in the world. Lot of network engineers are unaware how to monitor their networks for ransomware attacks. Therefore, when an attack is detected, they might struggle to perform a timely ransomware forensic analysis in order to determine where exactly the ransomware is located on the network. So here with our skilled and experienced team we help you achieve the best protection from ransomware attacks.
An organization involved in data breach may be at risk of serious harm, whether that is harm to their physical or mental well-being, financial loss, or damage to their reputation. Organizations or individuals can be at risk of financial fraud including unauthorised credit card transactions or credit fraud. We at Lumiverse Solutions evaluate an organization’s security posture to determine if a breach has occurred or is actively occurring and take corrective measures as and when needed.
Cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated and the sheer number of connected devices presents an unprecedented opportunity for threat actors. Thus compromise assessment identifies security hygiene issues and a comprehensive analysis for finding evidence of ongoing or past compromise. We combine our extensive experience responding to industry leading threat with a modern technology to deliver an assessment that meets your business objectives.
Data Protection is emerging as a major corporate and Government concern worldwide. The primary purpose of setting up a cyber security lab is to give organizations and enterprises the possibility to understand different cyber security activities, to detect ongoing present attacks and also to perform defensive actions. In order to do all these activities we provide you with a skilled and highly experienced team.
In the current business environment, organisations produce voluminous amounts of confidential, private, and proprietary information and increasingly rely on electronic documents for day-to-day business management. Data recovery helps restoring data that has been lost, accidently deleted or made in inaccessible by unauthorised access. With the premium tools and skilled team we provide best data recovery service.