With new and complicated data security hazard impacting your business every day, it becomes important to monitor, manage and update security policies across your firewall on a continuously. Business enterprises can feel a need to monitor their networks and firewalls at all times to identify and contain malicious activities. These activities require significant technology skills and all time resource availability.
As data is probably one of your organization’s most invaluable assets. Over the last few years, enterprises in every industry around the globe have seen their sensitive, high-profile, internal data lost, stolen or leaked to the outside world. Data loss prevention is nothing but the practice of detecting and preventing crucial data from being leaked out of an organization’s boundaries for unauthorized use.
In order to take action against the threats related to application services, it is essential to understand the vulnerabilities commonly found in web applications. Thus the aim of our application security services is to protect apps from security issues during the development process. We hold an experienced and skilled team that understands all your security related needs and work up on them.
Every enterprise faces a variety of vulnerabilities because of which a hacker could easily get unauthorized access to all your resources. With this alarming possibility there isn't any doubt that certain precautions need to be taken to verify all new and existing applications for any of the vulnerabilities. The Penetration Testing Services helps to find the vulnerabilities in your network and ways to lower the risks associated with them.
Since the threat environment has changed in recent years, more enterprises and regulators are realizing the need for requirement of two factor authentication to protect the confidential information. Strong security is dependent on two factor authentication which has been a common security practice for securing confidential organizational data. This a cost efficient solution that exists to implement two factor authentication at an enterprise level for all users with access to critical and confidential information.
The number of devices like desktops, laptops, phones and many personal devices accessing network data is frequently growing. The number of applications in use is also growing nearly continuously. And as known vulnerabilities grew in number, the cyber security experts found that traditional Vulnerability Management Solutions could easily find more problems that could be fixed. Hence we serve you the best and improved vulnerability management with best and experienced skilled team.
A SIEM is a platform for managing security and is helpful for larger companies, as they tend to employ many more devices and people. SIEM solutions, when used perfectly, help identify and manage security events on your network that would otherway go undetected, and this also helps for a quick response when there is an issue or an attack. It focuses on analysis and reporting of log data along with real-time monitoring.
Gone are the days when mobile devices being just communication device, and also increasing importance in businesses across the globe. But no denial that mobile devices have also contributed to the rise in security threats to the crucial data in the mobile applications. The threats continuously emerging and cannot be countered with a simple method and requires experienced and skilled team to imply a perfect security approach that is needed.
Despite the variety risk that fraud presents to business, many organisations still do not have formal systems and procedures in place to prevent, detect and respond to fraud. While no system is completely foolproof, there are steps which can be taken to determine the fraud and make it much less attractive to commit any cyber crime. We with the help of our experienced team to serve best fraud management services.