Social Engineering process uses misleading and controlling entity into allowing passing away of quite sensitive and personal information to unauthorized users. Phishers not only extract some crucial information but work towards decimate the reputation of an organization.
An expert handling is the priority, when a cyber attack takes place in your organization. Valued period is lost when you depend on in-house processes to recover from the cyber attack. An expert and experienced person is required to your solve the issue without further redo and possible damage to your organizations’ data.
The cyber threat landscape is evolving quickly and we all know only a small number of organizations or enterprises are capable of responding to cyber attacks.Managed security services helps your organization be aware of potential attacks before they even happen. Our cyber team investigates and tracks cyber attacks against organizations. Our services are aligned with your security program, and support your operational and executive reporting requirements.
Security Operation Center commonly abbreviated as SOC is a centralized location from where an organization’s entire infrastructure is monitored to help prevent, detect and diminish cyber attacks. Our experts who can help strengthen your security architecture and helps you to achieve complete threat visibility, to take measurable action and protect your system from all kinds of software vulnerabilities and malicious activities.
Cyber crimes are all over the world and you need highly experienced cyber crime investigation that helps every small and big corporate business and Individuals to address serious cybercrimes and attacks. We at Lumiverse solutions provide an enriched reporting via our security experts and offer a full range of investigative resources for an effective investigation of cybercrime and cyber attacks.
Attackers use different techniques like SQL injection to get an access of the sensitive and unauthorized database, more probably, the user’s app database, employee information,and much more. Forensics as a service can help us discover the manipulations, or identify loss of any crucial data. Forensics can help determine the root cause of the attack.
With large sized organizations with more than one location, departments, employee and systems are facing challenges in real-time exchange of information, and workflow management. There is an obvious need to develop enterprise application solutions which can bring all these systems, processes, data, and people on the same platform. With most experienced and proficient team you get a comprehensive security coverage from a single partner.
There are a number of reasons organizations might choose a virtual CISO as an alternative to an in-house chief information security officer. When an organization thinks of hiring a virtual CISO, choosing the right provider is important to realize benefits and providing the experience and expertise you need to move security objectives from the project to the program level. Thus with Lumiverse solutions, free up your team to focus on cyber security strategy, not just troubleshooting.
Financial or any type of fraud is a critical problem and attackers are usually global players. Lumiverse Solutions enables the aggregation of any type of cyberattack or activity relating to a fraud. With a highly-experienced team of outstanding consultants and professionals with deep knowledge of technology transformation across cybercrimes you get all defence to cyberattacks on your business.