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Expert Incident Response and Malware Analysis services

24/7 Incident Response: We react quickly to contain security incidents and minimize downtime.

Advanced Malware Analysis: We leverage cutting-edge techniques to identify and understand malicious software.

Threat Intelligence: We leverage real-time threat intelligence to stay ahead of evolving cyberattacks.

Malware Analysis Techniques

Our malware analysts employ a combination of static and dynamic analysis techniques to understand the behavior and functionality of malicious software. This allows us to identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) and develop effective mitigation strategies.

Incident Response Best Practices

Preparation and Planning

Develop a comprehensive incident response plan specifically tailored to IoT environments, outlining roles, responsibilities, communication channels, and escalation procedures.

Rapid Detection and Triage

Establish clear criteria for prioritizing and triaging security incidents based on severity, impact, and potential risk to critical assets or operations within the IoT ecosystem.

Containment and Mitigation

Isolate compromised IoT devices or affected segments of the network to prevent further spread of the incident and minimize the impact on other devices or systems.

Forensic Investigation

Preserve digital evidence using forensically sound methods to maintain its integrity and admissibility for potential legal or regulatory purposes.

Malware Analysis Technique

Client Feedback

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One of the finest cyber security audits and most reliable for preventive maintenance solutions for all kinds of systems related issues. We will Definitely Recommended this services of Lumiverse Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Thank You.

GT Hemnani

Excellent service provided by Lumiverse and specially Pravin raundal from sales team having good understanding on customer requirement and he help us with HIPPA, ISO27001 and SOC2 compliance.

Manzur Shaikh

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