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Enhance your cybersecurity strategy with thorough post-incident analysis and reporting.

Learn from the past to strengthen your future. We’ll help you understand the root causes of cyber incidents, implement effective remediation measures, and refine your security

The Importance of Post-Incident Analysis

While automated tools provide a solid foundation, our skilled professioanals also employ manual testing methodologies to identify intricate security flaws that may go undetected. Through techniques such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and session hijacking, we replicate real-world attack scenarios to ensure your applications are rigorously tested and fortified against potential threats.

Steps for Conducting Post-Incident Analysis

Gather Evidence

Collect and preserve all relevant data related to the incident, including logs, network traffic data, and forensic analysis reports.

Timeline Reconstruction

Reconstruct the timeline of events leading up to, during, and after the incident.

Root Cause Analysis

Identify the underlying vulnerabilities that allowed the attacker to gain access to your systems.

Lessons Learned

Extract valuable insights and recommendations from the analysis to improve your security posture.

Components of a Post-Incident Report

Client Feedback

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Excellent customer service and good communication with our staff . Guidance of Amar sir’s regarding to cyber security is really helpful to our bank.
Rohan Bhagat
The session conducted by Amar Thakare sir at ICAI, Nashik was really helpful! It showed me so many vulnerabilities I was risking myself to on a daily basis. Thankyou sir!
Rajeev Chowbey

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